Measure Your Body’s Health Instantly with OligoScan Technology

We understand your concerns about your body’s mineral and vitamin levels as well as toxins like heavy metals that may cause serious health concerns. That’s why we offer the OligoScan, a revolutionary technology designed to simplify the process of assessing your mineral status and heavy metal levels.

The Advantages

Real-Time Insights: OligoScan provides real-time information about your mineral status.

Heavy Metal Detection: If heavy metal toxicity is detected, we can prescribe chelatingtechniques, supplements, or lifestyle changes to help you lead a healthier life.

Easy Interpretation: OligoScan’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to understand yourresults.

Tissue-Level Data: Unlike other tests that provide surface-level information, OligoScan delvesinto your actual tissue levels, offering a more accurate assessment.

Comprehensive Analysis: Combined with urine, fecal, hair, and blood measurements,OligoScan transforms your health data into a 3D holographic projection for better interaction.

At the Cancer Center for Healing, we’re committed to your health journey, offering insights that empower you to make informed choices. Schedule your OligoScan session now:

The Next Step

Schedule Your 2-part OligoScan Appointment Now.**

A) One 30-minute scan session: $175 

B) One 15-minute Consultation to review your results: $75 (Includes analysis of results and personalized recommendations by doctor or health coach)

** Important. We need to know your Blood Type. If you don’t know it, we can take a blood type test at the beginning of your first session. No extra charge.

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