Danielle Palmer, CNMT

Danielle Palmer, CNMT, was born and raised in Northern California and was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 2. Suffering from chronic pain from such a young age, Danielle had countless days of being unable to walk and had many injuries to her knees, which were most affected by the disease. Working through the discomfort, Danielle was active and played many sports, including basketball, softball, and volleyball, and even earned her 3rd Degree Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do by age 18.

Danielle palmer, cnmt certified nuclear medicine technologist in irvine

After leaving home to attend college at California State University Fullerton, Danielle competed in Fencing as an NCAA Division I Athlete and was active in the Theatre and Dance Department. Danielle has always wanted to help people in the health field, and for some time, she considered becoming a physical therapist.

Still, after many injuries and issues with her JRA that PT and Western Medicine couldn’t resolve, she lost her interest. That all changed when she discovered the holistic benefits of SCENAR and Frequency Medicine.

After having been in a car accident and suffering from Chronic Tension-Type Headaches daily for three years, she received a session from a SCENAR Practitioner. She was able to not only move her neck more than she had in years but suddenly stopped getting headaches. After becoming a trained practitioner, she worked on her knees and immediately began to see improvement. Over the years, she has used SCENAR to treat her pain and is now able to move more as an adult than she could as a child.

She received training from the US representatives at the time, SCENAR Health USA. After working with the device under the direction of an M.D. and R.N. in private practice in Southern California for seven years, Danielle started her own business, Daily Dose Wellness, in Newport Beach, CA.

Striving to be the most effective Therapist she could be, Danielle sought out higher, more advanced levels of training for SCENAR and traveled multiple times to London, United Kingdom, to be trained by the esteemed Revenko SCENAR Academy of Russia, the English school of the “Father of SCENAR” himself, Professor of Neurology, Dr. Alexander Revenko. Danielle holds some of the highest certifications in SCENAR Therapy and, over the last few years, has received training from the Revenko family of medical doctors and Prof. Alexander Revenko.

She is currently one of only two practitioners in the US to have received Master Class Training in Advanced Spinal Disorders, Immune Support, Joint Flexibility, and the New Advancements of SCENAR Therapy by Prof. Revenko himself. After more than ten years of clinical experience, Danielle has an extensive case history and is now one of the most highly trained and experienced SCENAR Practitioners in the United States. The Revenko Academy of Russia recommends Danielle as one of its top international practitioners and mentors.

Danielle has been a speaker for Frequency Medicine and has strived to educate others about the incredible effects of Frequency in the Therapeutic environment. Aside from SCENAR, Danielle has also received training in Frequency Specific Microcurrent, studied Energy Medicine and Bioresonance with the Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine in Aradippou, Cypress, and holds a degree from the National Holistic Institute in Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy and Health Education.

Danielle not only works with people but has also found her love of working with animals through various rescue organizations in Long Beach. She has worked with multiple dogs who could not walk and has achieved tremendous results, improving them, some even returning to their entire movement and function. Danielle’s background with autoimmune disease fuels her drive to help others through pain and dysfunction, and she continues to gather knowledge to help her clients better.

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