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Covering the Cost of Treatment

At the Cancer Center for Healing, we realize that not everyone has the financial means for a long-term treatment plan. We also know that insurance companies generally don’t cover healthcare costs for integrative treatments received from non-participating medical providers. We want you to know that there is plenty of financial help for patients seeking treatment. You still have the option to choose the medicine that resonates with you.

Below is a list of financial resources that may help to fund your healing journey. If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage or financial assistance, please do not hesitate to call us.

3rd Party Medical Biller - Medical Bill Gurus

As the Cancer Center for Healing has opted out of Medicare* and is nonparticipating in all insurance companies, patients will be required to pay in full upfront for treatment. To learn more, please visit our Insurance Billing Policy.

*Medicare opt-out includes the following practitioners: Dr. Connealy, Dr. Carlton, and Dr. Ptak.

Cancer Center For Healing works with an outside biller called Medical Bill Gurus, who can assist our patients with PPO plans after the initial consultation, to try and obtain additional coverage.

Medical Bill Gurus is a 3rd party medical billing company and patient advocacy service specializing in helping patients secure insurance reimbursements for treatments received by non-participating medical providers. *Note you will still need to pay the center upfront for services.  This 3rd party service is only to help secure a partial reimbursement for your out-of-pocket treatment costs. **Reimbursements from insurance are not guaranteed.

To qualify for insurance reimbursements, patients will need to have a private PPO insurance policy with qualifying out-of-network coverage that is provided through an employer, health sharing, or other group entity-administered insurance plan.

Unfortunately, patients with Medicare, Medicaid, or HMO insurance plans would not qualify for insurance reimbursements.

Health-Share programs

Since the Affordable Care Act, there have been a lot of changes in the healthcare industry. As a result, many Christian organizations have looked for ways to give people control of their healthcare choices again. Several non-insurance health-share companies have developed to provide members with the ability to seek the care they desire. If you’re already a member of a health-share program, please reach out to them to discuss your coverage options.


Fundraising can be an excellent option for those who cannot cover the cost of their treatment out of pocket. Family, friends, and entire communities come together to support patients.


Personal crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe are great tools for raising money. Several site users successfully fund medical expenses, from cancer treatments to heart transplants. If you need help funding medical costs for yourself or someone you care about, learn more about medical fundraising here

Life Credit Company

Life Credit Company (LCC) offers financial, medical support through an innovative program that allows Cancer Center For Healing patients diagnosed with cancer to qualify for a loan against their life insurance policy.

Here’s how it works:

Through LCC’s Living Benefit program, you can receive a cash advance of up to 50 percent of your life insurance policy’s death benefit while still preserving coverage for your family. This program assists with treatment expenses such as travel, co-pays, and out-of-network prescriptions. The funds may also be used to replace the lost income and to consolidate debt.

Program features:

  • Keep your policy. Retain part of your life insurance policy for your family’s protection.
  • No loan payments. You will never be required to make loan payments of any kind.
  • No more premiums. Life Credit will pay all of your life insurance policy’s future premiums.
  • Fast Approval. Loans are typically approved three days from receipt of the application.
  • No credit checks. You will never be declined due to poor credit or lack of income.

Life Credit Company works with all life insurance policies above $75,000 (including group and term). For more information on this program, please get in touch with Life Credit at 888-274-1777 or go to

American Life Fund

To begin the viatical settlement process, contact American Life Fund today at (877) 421-0148 to speak with an American Life Fund Counselor. American Life Fund will then guide you through a pre-qualification process and ask you to fill out one easy form. After you have passed the pre-qualification process, we will review your medical records and life insurance policy in more depth. If the qualification needs are met, you will be given an offer for your policy.

If accepted, a sale/purchase agreement will be put together for you to review and sign. Your life insurance carrier will be instructed to make the necessary ownership changes to the policy. After the changes to the policy are confirmed, funds will be released to you.

Any individual with a chronic or life-threatening illness and an existing life insurance policy qualifies for a viatical settlement. The policy can be term, whole life, universal, group, or joint.

To learn more, visit

Additional Financial Resources

Covering the cost of medical bills can be a stressful process. Here at Cancer Center For Healing, we are here to help make the financial portion of your medical care stress-free. Some of our patients have utilized financing and fundraising to assist with the cost of medical care.

  • GiveForward
  • Caring Bridge
  • YouCaring
  • Post Hope
  • Life Credit Company: Use any type of life insurance policy to access funds today to pay for your medical treatment. For more information visit us at or call (888) 274-1777
  • Med Loan Financing: For more information, call (800) 555-8122
  • Beckstrand Cancer Foundation: For local Southern Californians they offer financial assistance.
  • American Cancer Society will donate miles, free flights, and follow-up visits to patients undergoing cancer treatment. For more information, call (800)227-2345 or visit
  • Non-Reimbursed Medical is a tax write off % of income
  • California has a Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment program which provides assistance to low-income women
  • California has a Cancer Legal Resource Center that could offer assistance
  • Every state has a Breast and Cervical Cancer early detection program for uninsured and low-income patients. State-specific info can be found at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • California offers a Prostate Cancer treatment program that pays for care lasting up to a year. For more information, visit the California Department of Health Care Services
  • Many private organizations will pay for treatment, rent, etc. For example,
  • Check for organizations that specialize in your cancer such as The Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancer Society
  • Cancer financial Assistant Coalition
  • California and other states offer temporary disability programs to offset the loss of income
  • Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are available at
  • Californians can shop for an insurance policy starting at

Life Credit Company works with all types of life insurance policies above $75,000 (including group and term). For more information on this program, please contact Life Credit at 888-274-1777 or go to

We understand how stressful life can get when a person has been diagnosed with cancer. At Cancer Center for Healing, we pledge to accompany you throughout your healing journey.


It is impossible to design a single cancer treatment that is effective against all types of cancers. For this reason, Cancer Center for Healing uses a combination of integrative and complementary cancer treatments for customized IV Therapy programs designed to shrink primary tumors, slow the growth of tumors, and eliminate cancer cells that have spread to other parts of your body.

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