Blood Cell Analysis

Live Blood Cell Analysis (or Microscopy) is a revolutionary technique that utilizes a high-powered microscope to observe and evaluate metabolic imbalances and anomalies in live blood samples, which may facilitate more informed health decisions.

The condition and quality of your red blood cells have a direct impact on your present and future health––with stress and disease appearing in the blood long before they manifest in the body. So what do we offer to assist you in your health journey?


Live blood testing enables us to see your blood exactly as it behaves inside your body, giving a clear picture of your health at a cellular level and how your current lifestyle is affecting you. We are not looking for an official ‘diagnosis' of your blood (we have specific lab tests for that), but we do offer a fascinating LIVE reading––much like an ultrasound––with our microscopist to inform you of imbalances in the blood that can be observed in real time.

Such phenomenon may include:

  • Relative level of acidity in body fluids and effects these acids have on the body.
  • Relative activity of the immune system and condition of Red Blood Cells.
  • General organ “stress.”
  • Presence of parasites, bacteria, yeast, fungus and mold.
  • Malabsorption of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients.
  • Crystalline forms of morbid matter, acids, cholesterol and mycotoxins.

This information can assist you by:

  • Showing patterns of disorganization and correlating those patterns to potential health challenges in the body.
  • Showing form and function of red/white blood cells and plasma.
  • Monitoring your specific condition before and after any health program/regimen.
  • Determining the effectiveness of various regimens.


  • Live blood analysis is for everyone concerned with their health and overall wellbeing.
  • As “prevention is better than cure,” it is not just for people who have health problems; it is equally beneficial to healthy people who value an early warning system that may discover the possible early onset of disease.
  • Many of the common degenerative illnesses that exist in our modern society such as diabetes, gout, heart disease and obesity can be directly linked to what we consume.
  • The quality of your blood cells holds the key to your wellbeing. This analysis allows you to take responsibility for–and control of–your own health.
  • If you are already ill or suffering from any chronic conditions, you may benefit from live blood testing because you will gain a better understanding of the risk factors and be able to make the necessary remedial nutrition and lifestyle changes.
  • If you list nearly any symptoms of ill health, chances are their cause is linked to microbial inflammation––a toxic load caused by an accumulation of microbes and poisons as well as the reactive flood of white blood cells your body sends to fight off any infection.
  • Live Blood Testing can provide answers to many ongoing questions, such as:

“Why do I feel the way I feel?” • “Why do I no longer have any energy?” •

• “Why do I have pain in my bones?” • “Are the supplements I'm taking doing me any good?” •

• “Why do I suffer from headaches?” • “Why do I hurt in certain places?” •

• “Why do I feel sick but my medical tests can’t find anything wrong with me?”

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