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Early Detection

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The 4 Pillars of Healing

#1 Early Testing - Comprehensive Testing

Comprehensive testing serves as the foundation we use to develop the most personalized and effective treatments possible. We know you don’t want to receive generic treatments that may cause your hair to fall out, your body to weaken, and your energy to disappear. We recognize that your body is different, your DNA is unique, and so should your cancer treatment.

The importance of rgcc testing and cancer

RGCC Cancer Blood Analysis

The importance of rgcc testing and cancer

3D Body Scan

The importance of rgcc testing and cancer

Bio-Immune Survey

The importance of rgcc testing and cancer

Cancer Profile Test

The importance of rgcc testing and cancer


The importance of rgcc testing and cancer

Dual Integration Resonance

Based on results from the comprehensive tests under pillar #1, we blend together a customized protocol of advanced treatments to attack your cancer, heal underlying illnesses, and diminish side effects. Our patients are consistently blown away at the cutting-edge, science-backed treatments available at Cancer Center for Healing.

  • Purification (Detoxing the Body)
  • Emotional Work (Connecting the Mind-Body-Soul)
  • Enhance the Immune System
  • Healing with Nutrition
  • Creating an Anti-Cancer Environment
  • Energy Testing & BioFeedback
  • Pain Relief
  • Laboratory Assessments
  • IV Therapies
  • Supplementation & Nutraceuticals

We understand how stressful life can get when a person has been diagnosed with cancer. At Cancer Center for Healing, we pledge to accompany you throughout your healing journey.


It is impossible to design a single cancer treatment that is effective against all types of cancers. For this reason, Cancer Center for Healing uses a combination of integrative and complementary cancer treatments for customized IV Therapy programs designed to shrink primary tumors, slow the growth of tumors, and eliminate cancer cells that have spread to other parts of your body.

What We Do Differently

The cancer treatments offered at Cancer Center for Healing are personalized, integral and integrative, permanent and dynamic. Our team of experienced medical staff will provide comprehensive care to support you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We encourage all of our patients to take an active role in the healing process.

We search globally for effective treatments – no need to travel out of the country anymore!

The choice of treatment will depend upon the type of cancer, how much it has spread, and the physical condition of the patient.

The protocols offered at Cancer Center for Healing can be modified as needed to ensure that they are well tolerated by the patient and that they are the most appropriate regimens for the tumor type. Patients who prefer to avoid chemotherapy can be treated with integrative and complementary cancer treatments.

Cancer Center for Healing doctors do their best to inform patients of the potential benefits and risks associated with the therapeutic protocols that they recommend, and it is ultimately the patient who decides whether a protocol is implemented.

We’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of cancer patients on their road to recovery. From prevention phases to Stage IV diagnoses, we’re always inspired by our patients’ dedication to healing. We’ve treated folks from all backgrounds and walks of life, and we’ve seen even the most dire cases reach and stay in remission with our treatments. Here are just a few of the inspirational testimonials and survivor stories we’ve witnessed at Cancer Center for Healing told by the patients themselves.

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