We’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of cancer patients on their road to recovery. From prevention phases to Stage IV diagnoses, we’re always inspired by our patients’ dedication to healing. We’ve treated folks from all backgrounds and walks of life, and we’ve seen even the most dire cases reach and stay in remission with our treatments. Here are just a few of the inspirational testimonials and survivor stories we’ve witnessed at Cancer Center for Healing told by the patients themselves.

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“I started treatment at CCFH in August/2019. I decided to remain in treatment there until mid October and at that time, the stage 4 breast cancer that has been in my skeletal system and lymph nodes was no longer active in my body. I’ve gotten 2 “clean” PET scans and continue to do maintenance treatment with the center. I live in Wisconsin and travel back and forth and it CAN be done. This center uses options to treat cancer unlike most that can be found in the US. Options that I believe have made ALL the difference in my healing!”

Sarah Greeder Siegel

“Dr. Connealy Is an Angel along with all the other medical staff here They helped cure my mom completely of cancer. “

Christina C.

“I thank Dr Bita for her many wonderful treatment recommendations so that I am doing great, 2.5 years after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, without any need of chemo. I also thank her for carefully monitoring my body’s needs.”

Jennifer M.

“I saw Dr. Connealy after my surgery. I wish I met and knew her before the surgery. She still safe my life. Amazing cancer center and highly recommend it. She will run individual tests and biomeridian, and cancer cascades test. You do not have to wait for symptoms to appear, there are tests to find out if you are genetically probe to get cancer. I ran into a woman who Cedar Sinai wants to do double mastectomy, city of hope was going to remove the lump. She did not do either one. She still here and Free if cancer. She is a Prayer warrior and her children help her throughout the ordeal. If you know of anyone with cancer, please have a holistic opinion. I had unbearable pain and could not eat or talk. It gotten so bad that I had to have surgery. Going to be ok and getting my rehab.”

Lilian H.

“Loved my visit here! Very comfortable and everyone very knowledgable! Looking forward to going back!”

Rachel S.

“Dr. Connealy, every morning I say a prayer of thanksgiving for you. I am not the same person I was a year ago. I am alive and although not ‘happy’ all the time, I have a sense of well being and confidence. …Life is good! I am grateful I found you!”

B.R. – Patient

“Thank you Dana. The program there (Cancer Center For Healing), I feel, is a beautiful fit for L.A. I will keep working with her on my end as well which is in total alignment with your center. A year ago we had a mutual friend who succumbed in a horrific manner to melanoma. I had shared your information with this friend at the time but she wanted nothing to do with it and chose not to contact you. I had a great conversation with you back then. L.A. and I watched this friend die of the ravages of melanoma mixed with chemotherapy, all the lymph nodes removed from her leg, and a painful disfigured death. Such a sad ending to a lovely lady’s life.

You will love L.A. She is open and strong and a beautiful soul. I know you will inform and educate her and help her on this leg of her journey to heal. We are all so fortunate to have this place and all of you there. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.”


“In 2004 I found out that I had cancer in my bladder and one of my lymph glands. I had both tumors removed. The doctor did not remove my bladder and later said it was because he knew I was going to die and didn’t want to do that to me. The oncologist said I needed to do chemo, but even with it he didn’t give much hope. I chose not to do chemo, but knew I had to change a few things in my diet and my life. I started juicing and eating more organic foods – less meat.

I had my bladder checked every 6 months the first year, then every year after that. After 3 years I was still clear, so I decided not to have anymore CAT scans because of the radiation. I did continue to go in to have my bladder checked yearly.

In October 2011I found a lump in my breast. i didn’t want to have a mammogram and because I was busy at work and with the holidays coming up – and because I didn’t know what to do – I postponed doing anything until the end of April. Although my bladder was still clear, I knew something was wrong. Then I had a CAT scan of my body and found questionable masses in my breast, lung and pelvis.

Right around that time my sister was searching the Internet and found information on the Healing Cancer World Summit. We listened to all the speakers on natural and integrative cancer therapies. I was very interested in knowing more, so I started calling and talking with people and was most impressed with Dr. Connealy. She suggested i have a thermogram done, and then my sister and I flew out to see her at Center For New Medicine in California. We spent two weeks there for treatment. (Another story – for another time – my sister was tested by Dr. Connealy and learned she was in early stage cancer.)

Dr. Connealy ran more tests on me – including a PET scan – and determined I was in stage 4 with cancer in my right breast, lung, lymph glands and a mass in my pelvis. She suggested I go to Germany for treatment not available in the States. During my five week stay there I received hyperthermia and other natural treatments. All of this to kill the cancer cells and build up my immune system. Since I have been back home Dr Connealy has been monitoring me and putting me on other natural protocols.

I’ve been on this most recent adventure nearly a year now – since the end of May of 2012. I have peace with where I am headed on this journey. Before going to Germany i was weak and short of breath and slept a lot. Since returning I’m doing much better and very thankful to have Dr. Connealy on my team, who cares about her patients, gives you hope, and helps you walk through it. It’s all about quality of life, not just being kept alive with drugs and chemo.”

Bonnie Campbell

“In June, 2008 my son was born. Six months after my son was born I began to see blood in my stool. I became extremely fatigued to the point I never felt rested, had difficulty getting up in the morning and it was difficult to get through the day. I occasionally would see blood in my stool so I went to a family practice in Newport Beach CA, whose doctors trained at Harvard. I asked for a full physical and told them I felt something was very wrong. I had a little bump on my bottom and I wanted it looked at. I explained in depth my medical history and my family history. I had never had a serious illness but my grandmother had colon cancer at 63 yr old.

The doctor spoke with me in depth, took my blood pressure, heart rate and checked the bump on my bottom. I was told that the bump was a cyst, the blood in my stool were hemorrhoids, and that I was fatigued because I was a new Mom with a one year old and a new born. I was told to go home and that I had nothing to worry about. I repeatedly asked, “Are you sure,” and the doctor became very irritated with me. I asked her what I could do for the fatigue and she told me to heat up in the microwave broccoli steamers with cheese. Again I was told to , “Go home. Don’t worry. It’s nothing.” I was so relieved.

Two months passed and I called her office again. I asked to speak with the doctor or a nurse and I explained that I was concerned about the blood in my stool. They told me not to worry that it was only a hemorrhoid and they called in a prescription for a suppository.

A few more months passed and I called the office again and I asked to make an appointment or to talk to the nurse or doctor. They asked me what it was concerning and I told them about my continued fatigue and blood in my stool. The person came back to the phone and asked me if my stools were black or if they were pencil thin. I exclaimed no. They became irritated with me and said, “We told you, you have a hemorrhoid. You have nothing to worry about.” I asked if I could have a referral to a specialist or internal medicine doctor. They told me I didn’t need one. I said can I have one anyway and they screamed at me and said you only have a hemmorrhoid. At that point a weight was lifted and I was relieved again. They said I didn’t need a referral and the symptoms didn’t match mine. Whew..

I went in again and I asked for another full physical. This time they added on a blood test. The doctor told me that they were now doing pap smears and why don’t I have mine done while I was there. My appointment was scheduled in two weeks with my gynecologist but I figured I might as well save time. When I agreed to the pap smear the doctor said that as long as she was doing that, she would put a scope up my bottom and see what was going on. When she did that she said I had an anal fissure. She said I had a cut on the inside and it was that that was bleeding. When I told her that didn’t make any sense and to explain how I could get a cut on the inside, she just glared at me. I thought of all the stories about odd sex habits and I felt she was judging me. I again told her that it made no sense how I could have a tear on the inside, nothing could have been near that area to cut it and was she sure. She told me not to worry and to go home. Again, I was told that there was nothing to worry about.

I received a call two weeks later that my blood work was normal and that my vitamin D was low. She recommended 1,000mg vitamin D.

Three months later I was using the restroom and I noticed a gush of blood. I thought it was odd, as I had just had a cycle. When I figured out it came from my bottom I looked up doctors through Hoag and my insurance and made several appointments. I found a GI doctor and an internal medicine Dr. When I went to the GI doctor he scheduled a colonscopy and endoscopy immediately. I found out on the spot I had cancer. The next day I went for a ct scan. I was told it was stage 4 colon cancer and that it had spread to my liver and my lymph-nodes. I had to call my general practioner back for blood results. When I spoke to her I told her that we had discussed this over the last year and a half. She said, “They don’t recommend a colonscopy until your 50.” The next day I went to a surgeon at Hoag. He told me my survival rate for stage 4 cancer was less than 20%. He told me he was going to cut me from left to right and that the liver surgeon was going to cut me from top to bottom. He said, “I hope you survive surgery”. I was referred to an oncologist in Newport Beach and I went in for a PET. I went into my family doctors office and I asked for a copy of all my records, as the different doctors we were interviewing each requested them. Her office refused to give me my files. They went around the corner, whispered, and then agreed to give me a single piece of paper from our last visit. My file was three inches thick. I asked her office is she could get me into/refer me to MD Anderson cancer hospital. I felt that since her and her son were Harvard trained they must have some connection there. They wouldn’t speak to me in person and they wouldn’t return my calls.

I researched several oncologists and they all agreed that the best outcome was 6 months of chemo, then surgery, then 6 months of chemo. I had liver and colon surgery at UCLA in December 2010. I coded blue in the hospital from a medication overdose the day after my surgery.

In January I went in to see Dr. Conneally. She provided a ray of hope and an arsenal of ammunition. I began exercising 30 min a day, taking vitamins, coffee enemas, inf-red saunas, cell therapy, wheat grass shots, green juicing, Gmcaf shots and more. My blood work came back to normal so fast that my oncologist said, “This just proves that God exists. This is a miracle and I have never seen anything like it.” My tumor markers are normal and I feel stronger than I have felt in a few years.

Thank you for your support Dr. Conneally.”

A Mother’s Story of Hope

“Mine is the typical story of being the last one you think would have cancer. I’ve always exercised and/or had a trainer. I watch what I eat and drink plenty of water. I never drink soft drinks, fried foods, or white carbohydrates. Love my broccoli and blueberries. Up until recently I have never had an illness or an injury nor have I been in the hospital. So what happened????? I thought I did everything to keep the bogeyman away!?

In March 2010 I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. I had a lumpectomy and had lymph nodes checked with no spread. I was told by my doctor that I would need radiation and chemotherapy. I have always believed in a more integrative/holistic approach to health. At the urging of my doctor (gynecologist), I met with a Radiologist and an Oncologist. These were both bad experiences where they tried to scare the hell out of me. I left the Oncologist appointment, went to my car and sobbed. Stage 1 and they make you feel like the worst thing that could EVER happen to you has happened. “Wait a minute”, I thought, “ But I feel really good!” This further motivated me to pursue non-conventional treatment and I went on my own search to find an Oncologist that leaned more towards my beliefs. I found a Breast Cancer Specialist who was an Oncologist and he agreed to monitor me without having the treatments. They gave me all the doomsday scary statistics but I flatly refused. I am convinced that many doctors tell you this because they “have” to. Not because they believe it will help you or that you need it. This group of doctors also believed in supplements (yaay!) and even had their own line from which he prescribed certain ones for me. With this in place I went on a search for a General Practitioner that met my criteria. Ironically, I had been carrying an ad around in my wallet for a long time prior to my diagnosis. I was drawn to their focus on “well being”. This turned out to be the next step in getting me to where I am now. Eventually I stopped going to the Oncologist and went solely to my new GP. I was encouraged that there were Doctors out there that were dedicated to treating the patient and not just the illness. At the same time I spent hours researching everything I could about breast cancer and alternative treatments. A change of diet seemed to be key along with the mental, emotional and STRESS! I started yoga and went to an Intuitive Healer who told me not to listen to the negativity from the doctors. I spent time meditating and thinking about changes I wanted to make. After a lot of soul searching I decided to move closer to my work and my friends. I had been isolated too long. Along with this move came wanting to find a GP that would be closer to my new place. This is where Center for New Medicine comes in. A doctor that I used to see there had warned me years ago about being on the pill and that it could cause cancer! I wasn’t ready to hear this and stopped going. Timing is everything and now I was definitely ready for learning how to take care of myself and keep the cancer away naturally. I stopped taking the pill and continued going to Center for New Medicine and two years later, breast cancer free, we discovered I had diverticulitis. I was a few years late on getting my colonoscopy so this motivated me to get it done. I was pretty shocked to find out I had a mass on my colon and after surgery learned it was Stage 3 with spread to two lymph nodes. I had always had stomach and digestion problems my whole life growing up but as an adult thought I had it under control with my diet. I know that if I had my colonoscopy when I should have this would have been caught it time. In some weird way though, I think this was all meant to lead me to where I am today. This new development woke me up even more! It was suggested that I go talk to Cancer Center For Healing, which is at Center for New Medicine. I am so glad I did! I was meant to have Dr. Connealy as my doctor. I want to mention something here that I feel is very important to my success so far. I NEVER felt like a victim or felt traumatized. I refused to imagine myself being sick on chemo and losing all my hair. I felt good and was otherwise “healthy” and I wanted to stay that way. If you can, treat cancer with kindness, not chemo.

I had surgery and they removed a section of my colon, some lymph nodes and the diverticulitis. My surgeon was very positive and said everything else looked good! Of course he did recommend chemotherapy. He said I was playing “Russian roulette” with my life if I didn’t go with the chemo. Even someone like me gave this a lot of thought. Stage 3 was scarier than Stage 1. I agreed to meet with an Oncologist who assured me that the chemo for colon cancer was “very well tolerated”. A phrase you will hear a lot. By this time I was seeing Dr. Connealy who was introducing me to many alternative methods and testing. This was more like it! Still I pondered what I should do. Family and friends were very supportive but most believe that chemo is the way to go. I started to doubt myself. I finally decide that I will take a more integrative approach and with Dr. Connealy’s recommendation of using a lower dosage of chemo which the oncologist agreed to, I move forward with both. The oncologist persuades me to get a chest port (BIG mistake for me). I met the nurses in the oncology area and they all assured me it was just a little procedure and would make it much easier for the treatments instead of getting poked in the arm each time. Seemed reasonable to me!.. so off I went to get the port installed. Warning! This is not a small procedure. It may be out-patient but you get a tube inserted that runs down your neck to your chest and a round devise installed in your chest that sticks out! I was also told that the bag with the chemo that you use at home (or at work!) was a “pouch”. I received my first dose at the onco office and it was so surreal. I just did not feel that I belonged there. It was not unpleasant physically but my emotions were running high. The thought of that poison leaking into my body really messed with my head. Every fiber of my being was telling me that this was not for me. In addition to that the chemo pack that stays attached to you for two days and is presented to you as a “small pouch” is much bigger than that and makes an audible noise every time the chemo is pushed into your body. I was pretty distraught trying to keep this hidden at work and felt the wool had been pulled over my eyes. I had made the decision not to tell anyone at work about my diagnosis. I wasn’t sick and didn’t want to be treated like I was sick. Wearing this pouch was not going to be easy. I made it through one treatment and needless to say could not wait to go see Dr. Connealy and tell her I was ready to move ahead 110% with Cancer Center For Healing. The world was lifted off my shoulders and I know for me this was the beginning of my true healing. Deciding your treatment after a cancer diagnosis is a very individual and personal decision. Chemo just wasn’t for me. I kept the port in for a bit as it assisted with the ease of my intravenous Vitamin C that I was receiving at Cancer Center For Healing. After a short time I could take it no more and had it removed. This is not the easiest procedure either. They sewed me up and off I go. I still have a scar with a raised bump that I don’t think will ever go away.

It is almost a year after my colon surgery and I am doing great. Now let’s talk about Dr. Connealy and Cancer Center For Healing. I could talk to Dr. Connealy for hours at every visit but of course I know she is much too busy for that. I don’t mind if I ever have to wait because you know someone else like you is with her and wanting her time just as much. In addition to everything I’ve learned from Dr. C , I do my own reading and research. There is so much information out there if you are willing to look and do the work! Great websites of cancer survivors, books, YouTube, documentaries, etc. At Cancer Center For Healing I have state of the art testing and monitoring of my cancer. Cancer is a chronic illness and you have to do the work for the rest of your life. It becomes a new lifestyle, one I have embraced and am grateful for.

I am so glad there are Doctors like Dr. C that are so brave and passionate, not to mention their experience and expertise! I feel very supported emotionally and physically. The first thing Dr. C will ask you is “what’s going on in your life?” Emotional is key. I am doing the work and see a therapist on a regular basis. I think it’s important to find the right one that shares your philosophies and that you trust. I spend more time in nature by hiking, jogging, and walking. In California we are lucky to have the hills and the ocean. I practice yoga and meditation. So much has changed for me since March 2010.

There is more to my story and all I have done but I need much more space that I have here. I respect the decisions others have made for their own path of treatment. At Cancer Center For Healing they also respect this and will support you with whichever decision you make. They are adding new modalities all the time and offer low dosage chemotherapy. Cancer Center For Healing is a one stop shop for healing.
My main message to everyone is to explore your options! Be your own advocate. Listen to your intuiton and your insides. Go the integrative and/or natural way first! Make chemo the last resort rather than holistic the last resort. Our bodies don’t want to be sick and they have a system that heals itself. Sometimes it needs a little help from us. I ask that you research all the options as I did and strongly encourage treating the cancer with alternative methods first, not as a last chance effort after the chemo and/or radiation isn’t working.

I am glad to have found Dr. Connealy and Cancer Center For Healing. We are led to where we belong. I am planning on growing old along with Dr. Connealy. We will be friends for a long time.”

Karen T.

“Here’s my story:

In January of 2011, I had a mammogram which came back negative.

On June 9, the day after my 54th birthday, in that same year, I felt a small pea-sized lump (after exam, it was found to be .7cm in size) on my left breast. The first thing to come out of my mouth was, “In the name of Jesus.” I can honestly say that I didn’t feel any fear, surprising enough.

I was seen the next day and an ultra-sound was ordered.

In July, a biopsy was done and it was found to be malignant. My doctor called me and said it was a very serious type that was very aggressive. He recommended I find a good surgeon who specialized in breast cancer surgery.

In the meantime, I was reaching out to people that I knew had experienced healing from cancer. They recommended immune builders such as Graviola and Mistletoe extract. I was also told by a woman who had been through breast cancer and healed, that I was just to do research.

So I began to study, study, study! I compared statistics over the years of survival rates and treatment options, etc… I knew that my body was made to be healthy and that I needed to get educated as to why mine was breaking down. I knew it was obviously lacking some things and I was going to find out two very important answers to two questions I had about cancer.

Number one was, “What does cancer hate?” and the other question, “What does cancer thrive on?” As I was researching via the internet, I came across a doctor by the name of Dr. Francisco Contreras who oversees The Oasis of Hope Treatment Center in Baja, California.

I ordered a book he wrote entitled, “The Hope of Living Cancer-Free” In reading that book I began to clearly see that I had so many other options besides the three that my surgeon offered: Surgery, Chemo and Radiation.

On October 6, 2011 after much consideration I had opted to only have surgery without chemo or radiation. The lump then measured close to 1cm. The tissue was removed, along with a larger benign lump in the same breast and 4 surrounding lymph nodes. Results after the surgery read all margins clear and all 4 lymph nodes clean of any cancer.

It was around this same time, I learned that there was an Center in my own city, Cancer Center For Healing! After visiting the Center, I was impressed with how informative they were and decided this would be the ideal place for me to receive what I needed to get back to a healthy state.

In the first week of January, 2012, I was treated at the Cancer Center For Healing Center in Irvine, CA. I was treated with 100% pure oxygen by entering hyperbaric chambers for 90 minutes each treatment. After each Oxygen Treatment, I was then hooked up to an IV that was filled with a highly concentrated form of Vitamin C. Both the oxygen and Vitamin C in this form are Cancer Killers!! Cancer does not have a chance in this type of environment. I have continued on several protocols since then.

It is now April of 2012 and I have been on several supplements, Chaga Tea, Coffee enemas (5x week), Budwig Protocol every morning and have completely eliminated ALL chocolate, sugar in any form, except pure Stevia and I concentrate on eating real food. This means wild caught fish twice a week, such as Mahi Mahi or Salmon along with certified organic vegetables. Lots of greens! Carbohydrates are limited to what I get in the vegetables or beans/lentils. No breads unless they are made from sprouts only. Because of the sugar levels in the body that are thrown off with the cancer, I am not eating hardly any fruit either. Maybe blueberries, strawberries to top my Budwig Protocol a couple times a week. Nothing more!!

I have never felt better than I do right now as this has radically changed my life forever! By eating right and walking a minimum of 30 minutes every single day, I’ve lost some weight that is going to stay off as well!! I also drink 60 ounces or so of oxygenated, alkaline water daily.

I’ve had a series of blood tests run since the initial testing upon entering Cancer Center For Healing and with incredible results! Since exiting the program, I’ve also had a Breast Thermogram which showed no indication of cancer. The most recent test that I had done is called the Cancer Cascade test. This test literally covers all 8 systems of the body to check for cancer activity or anything that could be out of balance that would trigger cancer. This test came back perfectly normal!!

I owe so much to the team at Cancer Center For Healing along with Dr. Connealy who monitored my progress throughout my journey. It is much to her credit that I know I’ve been able to succeed in meeting my goal of attaining good health once again. I believe God used her in a powerful way to get me to understand how important it is to be a good steward of the body He gave me.

I will continue to believe that I am, “Fearfully and wonderfully made”. This journey has taught me that following directions along with discipline pays off.

God is good!!”

My Journey to Healing From Cancer

“Well…it all started so innocently. I grew up on a diet of meat, potatoes, ice cream, chips, sodas, milk, and a little fruit & veggies. It seemed so American & apple pie. My parent’s generation thought that they we providing a great foundation with the diet we had.

Both of my parents smoked. They didn’t even think about exercising. They were great parents and kept my two brothers, my sister and me very involved in all kinds of physical activities…from dance to football, swimming, baseball and golf. We were all also involved in school activities and outside events.

It was not until 1977 and again in 1980 that I realized that the American diet was a sham. My Mom became ill with cancer in 1977. She was only 57 at this time. She went through months of chemotherapy until her cancer went into remission. A few years later the cancer came back and then she had another round of chemotherapy. The whole family could tell how the drugs were killing her from the inside out. It was a painful experience to watch how both the cancer and the drugs were killing her. At the end of her life (1983), my Dad had business trips that would take him out of town for a few days. I remember staying at the house with my Mom and her care giver. When her care giver would go home for the night, I was scheduled to give her pain shots every 3 hours. The problem was that she would start calling out my name after about 2 hours. Of course I would shoot her up as soon as the pain came back. I could not bear the thought of her final days being filled with misery.

In 1980 my Dad had a massive heart attack. It was followed by quadruple bypass surgery. Ouch…another victory for the American diet and stress. He spent his days from 1977 to 1983 being there for my Mom. The accumulated stress, his awful diet, and smoking just finally brought him to his knees with his heart attack. He was not physically nor emotionally equipped to deal with the emotional pain of my Mom at that time.

Right in the middle of all this, I went to hear a lecture by Harvey Diamond. It was probably early in 1983. His talk on diet, nutrition, stress and exercise resonated with me.
That was the year that I stopped eating meat. I assumed that this was enough because I have always exercised on a daily basis. I was active, healthy, and did a lot of emotional healing work. I had my annual physicals at age 18, 35 and 50. I missed all the other years because I was always way off the chart for being healthy. At 59 I had my 4th physical of my life. The doctor said that all was well with me except my PSA count was around 10. He told me it should be less than 5 and to get my prostate checked out. I reluctantly did and was put into shock.

The doctor I saw ran some tests and said “thank goodness that this was discovered early and let’s do surgery to remove your prostate. And by the way, these are the potential side effects…” I did not hear any more of what he said. He scheduled me for surgery and gave me a 400 page book on prostate cancer to read. It scared the daylights out of me.

It took me a few weeks to come to my senses. Thank goodness that I had been to the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego about 10 times at that point. What I remember are the Friday morning testimonials where people share about their healing miracles. I have heard of people healed of cancer, diabetes, tumors, rashes, etc. I had heard miracle after miracle. I remembered that with the proper guidance regarding nutrition, exercise, emotional issues, visualizations, meditation, etc., one could heal themselves.

I remember setting up an appointment with my doctor to tell him my change of plans regarding surgery. I met with him, and he was shocked. He said to me…”I could not do what you are planning on doing.” I will always remember my response. I said…”John you don’t have to do what I am planning to do…I do.” What is so sad about this is that I see Dr. John all the time. I run into him where I play golf. The sad state of the American medical model is that the doctors are taught not to care. Since that day in his office, he has not once asked me how I am doing.

I have an angel named Laura who works with me. She told me about a friend of hers with breast cancer who was seeing Doctor Connealy. I set up an appointment with her and met another true angel. She was loving, compassionate, listened, and received me knowing that I was frightened and scared about the word “cancer.” She walked me through her holistic healing program. She let me know that she was continuously learning and studying more & more about possible solutions. I knew immediately that I was with a kindred spirit and that she was the Doctor for me.

It has been about 2 ½ years since I have been with Doctor Connealy. I do not follow her program 100 percent. If I did, I know that I would be cancer free by now. I am doing the best that I can and don’t beat myself up any more. I know that I am getting healthier each and every day. She is one of my angels…a true gift from God. I know that with her continued guidance along with my positive attitude, I will live a long, loving, and fruitful life.

One last tidbit, I have 2 brothers and sister who have all had health opportunities. The problem is that none of them changed their ways. My 2 brothers have had heart problems, and my sister died 2 years ago of cancer while still in her 50’s. I am so grateful that I was open to doing my life differently than before. Thanks and blessings to Doctor Connealy for being my guide, doctor, and most of all a friend.”

Bob Hedley Story

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