Molly Fini, HC

Molly has long understood the connection between optimal health and natural living. Growing up on an organic ranch in Southern Idaho — a generation before the term “organic” became a cultural mainstay — she developed a passion for nutrition and wellness. It was at the University of California Irvine, studying Psychology and Nutrition, where she began to understand that the emotional is as important as the physical when it comes to health. Refining her focus to the intersection of mind and body, Molly became an unwavering advocate for her clients — viewing herself as a guide in each person’s individual health journey.

Molly subscribes to the philosophy that each person is special, and has a unique confluence of emotional and physical factors that affect overall health. It is her job to identify these factors and chart a course toward recovery, guiding each patient down their individual path toward wellness. As a certified 3-D Body Scan Practitioner, a technology employed by NASA that evaluates the body’s needs from head to toe on a cellular level, Molly is able to identify — with extraordinary accuracy — specific deficiencies contributing to an individual’s suboptimal health. Molly also employs Bio-Meridian Scanning when evaluating her clients and patients, allowing her to determine imbalances and how to correct them — providing a unique perspective on the state of one’s energetic health. Through these tools, Molly is able to quickly and thoroughly identify the lifestyle and environmental impedances to each person’s optimal health.

As a passionate advocate for her clients, Molly tirelessly pursues continuing education — ensuring the individuals she’s working with have access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date care. Molly is a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach and Certified Phlebotomist. She has trained in Transcendental Meditation, Homeopathy, Nutritional Supplementation, and Stress Management; as well as completed courses under licensed Clinical Lab Scientists in Understanding and Interpreting Laboratory Data as it relates to Patient Physiology and Disease Process.

When she isn’t working one-on-one with patients, Molly lectures on the Prevention of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Prevention of Chronic Disease, and How to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle. She also enjoys walking her dog at the beach, hiking, and chasing her granddaughter around the park.

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Molly fini, dnm - licensed naturopathic doctor - portrait

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