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HemoSonic Lymph Tissue

#1 Alternative Cancer Treatment Center in North America

Therapeutic Massage & Hemosonic

What is Therapeutic Massage & Hemosonic?

The Hemo-Sonic Lymph and Tissue Light speed or provokes a significant change of detoxification of the fluid mass in the body. The therapeutic effects establish normal fluid equilibrium with the re-polarization of blood platelets that perform the function of oxygen transport by maintain the aerobic state of energy production at the cellular level and below cellular levels. It also establishes optimal immune functions by maintaining genetic purify with the destruction of antigens that invade the body.

Schedule A Hemosonic Lymphatic Drainage Appointment

Call (949) 581-HOPE (4673), email us at , or chat with us live to schedule your appointment. We are here to answer any questions and to help you schedule a personal consultation with an Integrative Cancer Specialist.

We understand how stressful life can get when a person has been diagnosed with cancer. At Cancer Center for Healing, we pledge to accompany you throughout your healing journey.


It is impossible to design a single cancer treatment that is effective against all types of cancers. For this reason, Cancer Center for Healing uses a combination of integrative and complementary cancer treatments for customized IV Therapy programs designed to shrink primary tumors, slow the growth of tumors, and eliminate cancer cells that have spread to other parts of your body.

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