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BioSound Therapy

Sound Therapy to Treat Cancer With Emotional Healing & Well-Being

BioSound Therapy

What is BioSound Therapy?

BioSound Therapy is a comfortable cushioned lounge that combines biofeedback, guided imagery and meditation, music therapy, and interactive computer-controlled massage to ease stress, anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, muscle tension, and depression. These four parts of a biosound therapy session work alongside the science of brain waves to promote a deep sense of internal and external healing in a meditative state that lasts about 15 minutes.

Biosound healing therapy california

Alpha and Theta Waves

Different aspects of the BioSound Healing therapy system work to move your brain through Alpha and Theta waves. When the brain is in the Alpha state, you're alert, but relaxed as focus turns inward, such as during light meditation or a relaxing task. The Alpha state promotes stress relief and positivity.

The Theta state occurs during deep meditation or REM sleep when you're most closely in touch with your subconscious. It is characterized by relaxation, creativity, and vivid imagery. Additionally, in this state of relaxation, your mind is open to suggestions and receptive to positive self-talk. Overall, Biosound Healing Therapy offers a new way to promote emotional healing and overall well-being.

Schedule A Biosound Therapy Appointment

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