How to Create an Anti-Cancer Home Environment

How to create an anti cancer home environment - alternative cancer treatment center

Health is often about so much more than it seems on the surface. If you care enough about your health to be reading this article, I’m sure you’re aware of the basics—eat healthily, wash your hands, exercise regularly, etc.—but there are more things than just that that you should focus on while working towards a better, healthier you, as well as preventatively working against future risk of cancer. Here at the Cancer Center for Healing, we spend all our energy exploring health solutions for our clients, including preventative ones. Here are a few less obvious ways you can create an anti-cancer home environment and ensure your body is as healthy as can be.


Water, obviously, is a very basic human need. Doctors often recommend consuming half a gallon of water every day, and beyond that, we wash ourselves and our belongings in water all the time. As such, having high-quality water—free of toxins—is key to maintaining ongoing health and creating a good anti-cancer home environment. Possible toxins in water can include bacteria, lead, chlorine, iron, and other potentially dangerous chemicals. Why expose yourself to all of that when you have the option not to?

There are many kinds of water filters available to you, for many different applications. Some of our favorites are The Echo Ultimate and Echo Ultimate Faucet filters, which can provide 4 different types of water for different needs: hydrogen, alkaline, acidic, and filtered. The benefits of these filtered waters can have health benefits including reduced inflammation and oxidative stress, improved natural immune defenses, boosted metabolism, and improved cognitive function.


Similar to water, the air is a necessary human need and something that is very important to ensure is high quality. Particularly in many large cities and badly filtered buildings, natural air quality can be absolutely dismal. Outdoor toxins such as pollution from cars and factories or indoor toxins such as dust or mold can drastically damage your health, often in ways that are gradual and damaging over time rather than all at once. Particularly when trying to reduce the risk of cancer, ensuring your air supply doesn’t contain carcinogens is absolutely key.

There are many good air filters on the market, but our favorites are the Austin Air Healthmate filters. They are FEMA-approved and highly ranked on multiple lists of best air filters, and can remove a variety of different dangerous toxins from the air. And they’re long-lasting, too—one filter can last you up to five years. The Ancient Apothecary Essential Oil Diffuser can also help freshen up the air in a given space, even if it can’t filter it directly.


This piece of the puzzle may be the least familiar to you, but it’s still extremely important. Techniques such as deep sweating and Energy Dots can help recalibrate and cleanse the body to restore its natural balance and improve your health to lower your risk of cancer.

Deep sweating is exactly what it sounds like—it is the process of bathing yourself in heat via a sauna to raise core body heat, thus dilating blood vessels to increase blood flow and gaining beneficial cardiovascular effects similar to that of exercise. There are many affordable at-home sauna technologies, but we recommend the Synergy Sauna or the Healthmate Infrared Sauna.

Energy Dots are unfamiliar to most people but highly beneficial. On a day-to-day basis, the body absorbs a variety of artificial Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) from a variety of different sources. These can be very detrimental to a body’s overall health, interfering with things from sleep cycles to the immune system to your very DNA. Energy dots are designed to recalibrate your body after exposure to those EMFs, which can have anti-cancer results as well. We recommend the SmartDot or the Polaroid Disc for your Energy Dot needs.

All of this is to say that if you want to create an anti-cancer home environment, you’ll need to take a few extra steps to properly decrease your risk. But those extra steps are worth it. There’s nothing in life more valuable than your health, and investing in creating an anti-cancer environment is an investment in that health’s future.

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